Aihe: please help on selecting a bonsai

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              I've thought of buying a bonsai tree, actually to give it as a present to my girl friend living in Finland.because i think, it'd be really a great thing, cuz it needs good care and it becomes strong and beautiful day by day with proper care.so that means a lot.

               i've thought of buying a "Flowering(with nice fragrance) , indoor, specially which can survive under Finnish climate.it'd be great if it could bear fruits also, but not necessary.

               First i thought of buying "Azela", but it's not an indoor and it needs good light, then i thought of chineese white Serrisa, but one person told me it's hard to maintain it as a bonsai..... go for "Chineese elm".now i'm confused.

               Could you please advice me, which kind of tree 'd match with all those conditions? Which one'd be make the best purchase?

               And if you know, any online bonsai stores located in Finland, or any other better (economical online shops) please give me the links. it'd be easier to use them than using international shipping.

thank you.

2 Viimeksi muokannut JanTam (16.03.2011 21:30:11)

Vs: please help on selecting a bonsai

Hi tsn. There are not many plants that like it indoors. Serissa is one option, some people do manage to keep it alive, most don't. I know I don't.

Only thing that comes to my mind is Fukien tea, Carmona microphylla. In my experience it is very easy, but absolutely does need additional light in winter. Mine flowers all the time. Flowers are white and rather small, but quite pretty.

I would not start with too fancy and valuable one, because first trees do tend to die. Not so much because of the money, but because it is so frustrating. Just my opinion, of course.

There are no web shops in Finland selling bonsai that I know of. Closest good ones are in Germany. They may not want to deliver now, because of temperature.


Vs: please help on selecting a bonsai

hi Jan Tam,

            thank you very much for your reply.

            Nope!i think you're right. since we don't have experience we should go for easy one.
            again thanks for your suggestions.

             do both of the trees you mentioned bloom flowers?

            yes!i got some german shops. they told me that they do deliver to Finland. As you mentioned may be not this time.

4 Viimeksi muokannut JanTam (17.03.2011 15:43:39)

Vs: please help on selecting a bonsai

Carmona flower. There is usually only a few flowers at a time, and they are small. Don't expect anything glorious.

Bauhaus has these most of the time, at least in Vantaa, if you want to see some alive. There are some with 4-5 cm trunks right now. If you live around here.

I really can not recommend Serissa. There is even a club, "I hate Serissa"-club, because so many people have lost these for no apparent reason. It is a princess.