Aihe: Obsessed with bonsai enjoy it


21 years ago, he planted more than 30 varieties, 600 pots of bonsai. Watch their beds the hand, the shapes of bonsai, his face often wearing a happy smile.

In order to bonsai cultivation, the original habit of drinking, WANG Zhi-hua little liquor, do not smoke, do not play cards, the money saved to live frugally spent on the purchase of bonsai. In 2003, his wife finally saved up 5000 dollars, ready to buy a favorite long-pedal-style motorcycle. WANG Zhi-hua told when the town of bonsai sell local sheep tail, he would not hesitate to use it to buy back 5,000 yuan 8 bonsai. To this end, his wife a long period of time not sell it to him.
Over time, WANG Zhi-hua pursuit of the bonsai art gradually understanding and support their families. Now, the retirement home has become his wife, a good helper bonsai cultivation, and also from which to experience the joy of creating.